How Modern Is Your Website?

Has it been a while since your last website redesign or refresh? I often am told by clients that they don’t want to do a redesign on their older website because they still get compliments on their site. Even so, I recommend doing a site redesign or refresh every three years for a several reasons.

Technology is constantly evolving

Code deprecates over time. If it’s been a long time since your last redesign/redevelopment, chances are the code used to build your website isn’t up to date and could cause significant challenges for both your site functionality and your audience.

Browsers are working to stay relevant

Internet browsers are always updating security, adding features, and are working to keep up with each new mobile device put on the market. Because of this, it’s important that your website keeps up with the latest technology and adjusts accordingly.


Flash used to be the ‘in’ thing and a ton of websites were built using it to implement really cool effects (for the time). Flash is now not only way outdated but it actually isn’t even supported across some platforms. This could cause problems for several users trying to access your site on different platforms.

Keeping up with current design trends

Chances are your competitors are updating their sites regularly and you should, too. While it can seem daunting to keep up with the Jones’, it’s important to make sure the web-face of your business looks current, relevant and fresh. Often times the first place a new potential client will gather information and first impressions of your business is online. Most judgements about your business are made within 15 seconds of a potential client being on your website. That first impression could make or break your chance of new clients reaching out to you.

Responsive Design

We live in an age where we take our tech on the go and many marketers will argue that “mobile-friendly” simply isn’t enough and “mobile-first” is the new trend. The majority of people visiting your site for the first time will be accessing it from their mobile device.  It is crucial that design and development of your website responds appropriately across devices and platforms. As a user switches between an iPhone, tablet, laptop, and desktop your website should look great on any of their devices.


Updates to your business

Businesses evolve from year to year.  Maybe you’ve rebranded since your last design or your business goals have changed. This is a huge reason to update your website to reflect where your business is now, not where it was three or more years ago.


If it’s been a while since you last redesigned or freshened up your website let’s talk and take a look at your site together to determine what we can do to freshen it up.