Importance of HTTPS Websites

What is HTTPS?

You may notice that some sites begin with http:// in front of their domain while others begin with https:// but you may not necessarily understand that there is a big difference between HTTP and HTTPS.
HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP (the protocol which data is sent over between your internet browser and the website that you’re connected to). This means that all communication between your browser and the website are encrypted and it makes it almost impossible for someone else on the same network to ‘sniff’ what you’re doing on any website with HTTPS.  HTTPS sites are secured by a SSL certificate installed on their server for that domain.

Why Should You Switch to HTTPS?

  • While HTTPS was originally intended for passwords, payments and other sensitive data, the entire web is now moving toward HTTPS encryption. No longer is HTTPS only necessary for banking and other sensitive data websites. Recent rulings have been passed allowing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sell your website traffic to advertisers to get better demographic information about the people they’re trying to market to.
    HTTP also allows your ISP to alter the web pages you’re viewing! They could add content, modify the page or remove items from the page. They have used this method to inject additional ads into webpages you visit.
    SSL certificates give you the extra layer of security so that your information is not passed along to third parties and your site will not be tampered with.
  • Internet users are becoming more and more aware of the vulnerabilities of the internet and are increasingly careful of which sites they will visit. You can easily give your internet audience peace of mind by installing a SSL certificate and reflecting the secure https:// connection.
  • Popular browsers are encouraging websites to leave behind HTTP and move to HTTPS. Many browsers are now showing a green secure padlock on websites backed by HTTPS. They will also show an icon or alert for sites that are considered not secure (only using HTTP). Getting an alert that your site is not secure is the surest way to freak out your audience and have them hurry up and leave your website. Your audience is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting their internet habits.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By far the most widely used search engine (how potential clients could find you) is Google. In fact, when you’re talking to someone about searching for information online, chances are you’re actually saying the word “Google.”   Google is king in the web world and they take security very seriously. So seriously that they have now begun to give higher SEO ranking to websites that are secured with https.  If you want your website found online through engine searches it is imperative that you move to HTTPS.

For more information, clarification, or to discuss moving your site to HTTPS, please shoot me an email or give me a call. Lets get your site secure!