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Little Loft Media’s Response to COVID-19


Little Loft Media's Response to COVID-19   The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented time in our society with updates changing every hour, constant disruptions to our daily personal and work lives, and uncertain changes to come. In an effort to help contain the spread of the disease and to help our community, Little Loft Media is

Little Loft Media’s Response to COVID-192020-03-18T10:18:39-04:00

Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management Services. Period.


Yes, Even Your Business Needs Online Reputation Management ServicesIf you own a small business online reputation management (ORM) is crucial to business growth. Business owners must be proactive with and responsive to reviews and maintaining their online presence. First impressions are critical. Online reviews are a potential customer's first impression of your business and you need to

Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management Services. Period.2017-12-12T14:06:46-05:00

HootSuite– Not Just For Business


HootSuite is considered by many to be the ‘crème de la crème’ of social media management tools for businesses. They earn this recognition as it is one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind out there.  With HootSuite, businesses can track and manage all of their social media channels in one place. No

HootSuite– Not Just For Business2017-12-07T13:58:27-05:00

Flash Is Dead


Why You Shouldn't Be Using Flash On Your WebsiteIn all fairness, Flash isn't exactly dead... yet. It is, however, dying a slow and painful death.  Once upon a time it dominated the web. Meant to "wow" an audience, it was flashy with it's over-the-top whizzing animations and interactivity. But, survey says.... we're no longer impressed. There is no place

Flash Is Dead2017-12-05T09:50:23-05:00

Online Reputation Management for Businesses


What Is Online Reputation Management? In short, online reputation management is the process of influencing what consumers find about you or your business online. Why Does Online Reputation Management Matter For Businesses? Lets face it— we live in a search-centric world. When we look for any kind of new service provider the first place

Online Reputation Management for Businesses2017-12-12T14:08:25-05:00

Securing Your Website With HTTPS


Importance of HTTPS Websites What is HTTPS? You may notice that some sites begin with http:// in front of their domain while others begin with https:// but you may not necessarily understand that there is a big difference between HTTP and HTTPS. HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP (the protocol which data is

Securing Your Website With HTTPS2017-12-12T11:40:44-05:00

Is it Time to Redesign your Website?


How Modern Is Your Website? Has it been a while since your last website redesign or refresh? I often am told by clients that they don't want to do a redesign on their older website because they still get compliments on their site. Even so, I recommend doing a site redesign or refresh every

Is it Time to Redesign your Website?2017-11-17T11:33:13-05:00

Keeping Children Safe While On The Internet


Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Web Today, it seems as if the world revolves around the internet. The internet is vast and the possibilities of what we can accomplish and see seem endless... and those internet resources are growing daily. We use the internet for business, communication, research, and commerce, just to name a few. As adults,

Keeping Children Safe While On The Internet2017-11-28T11:00:04-05:00
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