Copy Editing

Content matters. Making sure your content is error-free, clear, concise, and accurate is crucial when building your online presence. We can help whether you need a little help proofreading, complete copy editing or more robust developmental editing. Our three levels of website editing services are described below:

  • Level 1- Proofreading. We will ensure your content is grammatically correct and includes proper capitalization, spelling, and tense. Typically, changes to the content are minimal.
  • Level 2- Copy Editing. This service will include proofreading but look further into the content itself. We will make sure your content has a clear subject, that it is consistent in tense, complete and concise. Sentence and paragraph structure may be altered, repetitive words will be replaced for synonyms and redundant words will be removed for the benefit of your content’s impact.
  • Level 3- Developmental Editing. The largest content change happens at this level. Proofreading and copy editing are included but significant rewriting may be necessary. New content may be written for additional support or if the original work needs more substance. This level of service is geared toward those that may need help with writing– a great option for those who speak English as a second language or for those who struggle with the writing process.